Securities Lending: Agency Lending Assessment


Agency Lending Live Assessment 



Aeonic Ventures is conducting a private assessment of the agency lending market for anonymous clients

Aeonic Ventures is conducting two high-level assessment studies on agency lending for private clients. The purpose is to provide certain clients who are interested in potentially lending out their securities lending portfolio(s) with an informed, pre-RfP study of the agency lending market and established providers.

These studies are both pre-RfI / Rfp assessments and will involve a high-level overview of the current agency lending market including:

  • Global wallet, market trends etc..
  • Agent lending providers: tier-ing by size, global footprint and other factors.
  • Changes / velocity of business growth over last 2-5 years.
  • Depth / breadth of beneficial owner portfolios.
  • Technological / reporting / operational strengths / weaknesses.
  • Custodial and sub-custodial makeup (in-house vs out-sourcing).
  • Etc..

The study will be based mainly on lending capabilities in U.S. assets at this time, but global footprint will be included in the overall study.

We are seeking general public information from both lenders and third party information providers.


The initial assessment studies will be for both Aeonic Ventures LLC and it’s clients’ private use. The pre-RfP assessment is confidential and will not be shared with any lenders or publications.


If you are one of the ‘big five’ agent lenders, we have most of the above information already. If you represent one of the big five and would still like to provide additional information:


Please contact us at:  Subject: ‘Agency Lending’


*We are opening the study to allow for established, niche agent lenders to be represented.

If you are NOT one of the big five agent lenders, and wish to provide information to be part of the initial assessment, please contact us at the same details above.


We also welcome relevant information from third-party providers (publications, etc..), who will be referenced in the private document.



Any information provided by any agent lenders or third-party providers in this pre-RfP assessment, should be considered public information.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, non-disclosure agreements should not be required and would be reserved for the RfP, or bidding stages.

This project will close in about 10 days. Information should be provided by April 10th, 2017 to be considered for the assessment.

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