Startup e-Lab

Founded in 2014, is a free personal space to record and develop your startup ideas. Developed on the dynamic Ruby on Rails framework, the model takes entrepreneurs through the tried and tested Lean Startup methodology, to record, test and validate ideas. This is a critically important part of the concept and planning process for startups. provides an excellent forum to collaborate ideas with partners and even customers. This innovative spaceĀ helps individuals and teams organize and develop startup ideas, share notes, list assumptions, record interactions and discuss everything on the free platform. has over 11,000 social media followers and over 1,300 registered users signed up on the platform. Aeonic Ventures acquied in March, 2016 and is working with a new CEO and technical architecture partner to expand the platform with a number of new features in the near future.

Stop dreaming. Start planning. Check out at:

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