Moiety, Inc.

Mobile Productivity App

Founded in 2015, Moiety is the intuitive, innovative and free collaboration and scheduling app for startups, families and small businesses. Moiety’s patent pending technology allows you to create customized recurring events, places and actions for each ‘Crew’ they create. From there, all events are created on a single screen with a few taps. No more distracting texts, e-mails, phone calls or re-entering common calendar events.

Moiety launched in the App Store in October of 2016 and has already received a number of positive reviews including features in, Engadget, and has been extensively covered in Innovate Long Island. Moiety has been called an ‘out of the blocks sensation’ with over 135,000 Social Media followers across 44 different countries.

Moiety is a completely built-from-the-ground-up business under the Aeonic Ventures umbrella.

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